Hi! I’m Rae Hipolito. I’d like to tell you about myself – ME – rather than merely spout off my credentials, educational and professional background, or any other accolades to convince you that I am the right person to serve you. You see, I stripped myself of all these when I decided to go on a life journey. With 2 suit cases on my hand, I left the life I had built for myself and travelled to a world that appeared backwards in time but was resplendent with ancient wisdom. This is my story. I hope it gives you a glimpse of my distant journey that ended in a homecoming to my essence. I wish to share this with you to help you decide if I am the right guide in your own heart-awakening journey.

Leaving the life I had built for myself in the U.S. to follow a strong yet inexplicable impulse to move to Peru, felt like something had died within me. I didn’t understand the message, “Welcome Home”, that went through me like a wind during my first visit to the sacred sites in this magical land. Filled with much trepidation and uncertainty, but held in the knowing that it was the next path to my highest destiny, I made the decision to close my psychotherapy practice, sell most of my belongings and move to the Andean mountains of Peru.

I have known much confusion, fear, loneliness and the dark nights of the soul in my life. I thought I had dealt with most of my wounds through all the tough inner work that I have done throughout the years. I have also had a number of heart-opening moments as my relationship with the Divine deepened in my spiritual life. I traversed the course of both these worlds, darkness and light, during this journey.

I thought that the impulse to move to Peru was only about fulfilling my next level of service to the world. Little did I know that this step was really about shedding the layers of armor I have built around me. Stripped naked of a career, titles, material belongings, I began to discern the real me. I learned that none of these things defined who I was. What I learned was that beneath being my father and mother’s daughter, beneath the Filipino and American cultures that shaped me, beneath the careers that I have worked hard for, beneath the material possessions that gave me a false sense of achievement, and beneath all the goals I made to find purpose, was the true me.

I began to understand that who I am lays not without but within. It was only then that I understood that the “home” that I was being welcomed to, was not a physical place on the globe but a deep space within me. The death I felt when I shed all those layers was actually a rebirthing, one that created the new me. I discovered that everything along my path was necessary to peel away the carapace of my protective personality. This long, far journey took me home to my essential self.

My essence lives in my Heart; it lives in my Love for the Divine, my Love for myself and my great Love for humanity.

I have gained much experience and many skills throughout my life. But the inward journey, the traveling home to my essence, is my greatest offering. Have I arrived? No. I am still learning to be kind to myself and to love myself and others fully. My journey is a continuous unfolding. My greatest heart-awakening took me home to my heart wisdom. This wisdom, the compass that lives in me….lives in you…it lives in all of us. My call now is to be a guide and support to you in your journey. Whether your path looks different or slightly similar to mine is not so significant. In the end, we all need support along the way when we die a little in order to give birth to a new awakening heart.

Here I am, to be of service to You.

Big Love,