The heart-awakening journey travels both the spiritual and emotional path. It is my belief that deep and genuine awakening of higher soul awareness can feel blissful, joyful and peaceful; however, in the process of ascending to the higher realms of enlightenment, we are accompanied by our shadows. We encounter some turmoil, darkness and confusion. We visit the upper world, the Hanan Pacha as referred to in Andean spiritual cosmology in Peru or the Superconscious in the language of psychology. To avoid any spiritual bypass, we must meet our shadows. We must go down to the lower world of the subconscious, the Ukhu Pacha, to let go, shed, and heal the unresolved emotions of our inner child so we may be the embodied beings of transformation here on earth, the middle world, the Kay Pacha where our conscious mind integrates all the worlds to bring heaven here on earth. Integration of these different worlds is essential to the heart-awakening process.

It is my deepest desire to be a guide in your heart-awakening journey.

Here are my offerings:

During an ancestral lineage clearing, I guide you into energetically travelling back into your ancestral past to clear non-harmonious, dysfunctional or traumatic intergenerational family patterns so you may live your life with more joy, peace and prosperity. I use different tools including shamanic journeying, rituals and ceremonies, energy healing and other tools as I combine my training in western and ancient healing techniques. These sessions are focused on bringing about deep and soul level healing in your ancestral lineage.

Sessions are in person in Nevada City, California. Please give me a 24-hour notice for any cancellations as I spend time preparing for sessions and ancestral healing is initiated several hours before the scheduled session.

Pay for 1-hour Individual Session

$175.00 USD

Purchase 3-month package of weekly/ bi-weekly sessions

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As a holistic psychotherapist, my philosophy is an integration of the body, mind and spirit. Using my over 10 years of experience in psychotherapy and my own spiritual journey, I have developed my own approach which I call Heart-based therapy. This approach focuses on healing the shadows of the inner child stored in our subconscious field by infusing it with loving kindness from the superconscious field, which I believe resides in our heart. This approach is experiential (felt and experienced) and body-oriented (releasing emotional pain which is stored in our bodies). I don’t focus on analyzing your past. We visit the past to let go of any pain or trauma in the past so you may live your life fully here in the present. Instead of focusing on the “story”, I will help you move through the “story”, using hypnosis, meditation, body-oriented and gestalt approaches.

It is my belief that there is an inherent wholeness in all of us. Life offers us challenges that sometimes create separation from this knowing but our soul calls us back. Using your body’s wisdom and mindfulness to assist you in quieting our active minds, I will help you release the pain which may have caused you to have limiting beliefs and prevent you from having the life of joy, calm, ease and grace. After making the way for this clearing, I will help you with empowering beliefs so you may find your way back to your divine essence, with an open heart, available to love yourself and others fully.

I am a licensed psychotherapist in California (License # MFT 42497), as well as a certified hypnotist. For the purposes of my licensure, I will include my full name with my credentials here: Raedel C. Hipolito, M.S., MFT, C.H. I earned my Master’s Degree in Counseling with concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University, Long Beach.

Sessions are virtual sessions. Please give me a 24-hour notice for any cancellations as I spend time preparing for our sessions.

Pay for 1-hour Individual Session

$175.00 USD

Transformational Energy Healing sessions focus on deep soul awareness and clearing the blocks in the body’s subtle energy fields to release heavy energies. During these sessions, I am a conduit of high vibration energies. What are high vibration energies The Heart is simple….Love. Love is the core essence of our being. Our hearts carry the source of our Divine intelligence. There are layers of emotional and mental “gunk” that lay in our subtle energy fields that when resolved, allow our hearts to deeply connect to that part of us that is connected to everything, to everyone, and to the Divine source of intelligence.

My path as an energy healer began when I received my first energy healing session from an African Shaman. During my session, my own hands moved and went to the different energy centers on my body. I was not very familiar with Chakras at that time. I didn’t understand what was happening as my hands were moving in unfamiliar ways; I just prayed silently as I felt that something greater, a powerful force was moving through me. In the end, my body got up from its supine position and my hands raised over my head and then folded in a prayer position. I opened my eyes and the shaman and I were both in tears. I asked him what just happened and he shook his head and said he is just a conduit and told me that I am a healer. I was a psychotherapist at that time, thus I thought he was referring to me as a psychotherapist.

I didn’t understand my gift as an energy healer until 5 years later when I moved to Peru, Hawaii and visited other parts of the US and began formally learning different energy healing and alternative modalities from various masters and various traditions. I realized that I had already been using my gifts before but not through my hands; loving energies were already flowing through my heart during my sessions. As I continued to practice as an energy healing practitioner, fusing all the different modalities I learned (which included Reiki, Shamanic/Andean Energy Healing, Breathwork, Emotional and Spiritual BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Ho’oponopono), I began to feel that something more organic was emerging through me during my sessions. As I learned to get out of the way and allowed the Divine to work through me with the help of my sacred teachers, angels and guides, I felt that I was accessing a quantum field of energy and higher dimensional vibrational frequencies.

I now call what has emerged through me as the Quantum Heart Energy Healing.

Sessions are in-person in Nevada City, California. Please give me a 24-hour notice for any cancellations as I spend time preparing for our sessions and soul- level energy work is initiated many hours prior to your appointment.

Pay for 1-hour Individual Session

$175.00 USD

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Led by Justin Randolph and Rae Hipolito

Back by popular demand, during this sacred event with Justin Randolph (Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher) and Rae Hipolito (Shamanic Energy healer and Psychotherapist) we will call in the energies of the elements of water, air, earth, and fire in 4 different directions, then enjoy the stillness and serenity that Restorative yoga brings as it prepares us for our healing circle where everyone will be invited to join the circle and receive deep shamanic and Reiki healing. All are welcome!



5:00 – 7:00 PM


1112 OCEAN DR. #103A




Peru Postcard



OCTOBER 17 TO October 26, 2016

This retreat will be led by Rae Hipolito and 500 RYT Yoga teacher, Sarah Davidian. Join us and immerse yourself in a daily morning yoga led by Sarah, energy healing sessions and integration led by Rae and look forward to guided tours of many sacred sites.

The Retreat will include:

8 nights stay in the Sacred Valley and 1 night stay in Machu Picchu. Below are pictures of our retreat center in the Sacred Valley. Accommodations are shared rooms.


Paz y Luz by Melissa 1


Daily yoga practice

Group Energy Healing

Guided Tours to many sacred sites: Machu Picchu, Pisaq Ruins, Ollantaytambo Ruins, Moray, Salineras, Sacsaywaman, Tipon Ruins, Puka Pukura, Qenqo, Tambomachay, Qoricancha

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu





Ollantaytambo ruins

Ollantaytambo ruins

Mountain view from Pisac ruins

Mountain view from Pisac ruins


Ceremony by an Andean Shaman

All meals at the Retreat Center (Vegan and gluten-free meals are available). Includes continental breakfast and most dinners

One hour massage

Scheduled Airport Transfers

The Retreat does not include:

Flights to and from Cusco airport in Peru

Meals outside the Retreat Center (most lunches and dinner at Machu Picchu)

Airport transfers outside the scheduled transfers

Travel Insurance (we recommend you to get travel insurance)

Gratuities to our tour guides, retreat center and hotel staff

Getting There

Book your flight to arrive and depart from Cuzco,Peru Airport (CUZ). LAN airlines flies direct from LAX to Jorge Chávez Lima International Airport (where you will go through Customs and Immigration). Other major airlines that fly to Lima are United and American Airlines. Then you will fly from Lima to Cusco (CUZ). Domestic flights are available through LAN airlines, Peruvian Airlines, Avianca, and Star Peru. The domestic airport is right next to the International Airport (walking Distance).

Retreat Price is $2,500. Early bird price is $2,250 if paid in full by May 15, 2016.

A $500 deposit will reserve your space. The remaining balance is due on May 15, 2016 for early bird discount price or August 15, 2016 for the regular price.

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