“Rae was a beautiful soul that came into my life at a time when I was hurt, overwhelmed, disillusioned and exhausted. Her spiritual guidance, positive energy and kindness help me develop the trust and courage I needed to connect to my inner wisdom and remove the fear and resentment that was blocking my path to peace and happiness. Because of the healing sessions we have had, my life has changed – I no longer regret the past nor fear the future – I live with joy and excitement knowing life is an amazing adventure.”

Mother, Sister, Daughter, A thriving survivor and recovered being

“The stresses of everyday life, as well as life events, can leave one depleted. I was fortunate to meet Rae Hipolito at a time when I was feeling disillusioned and a little depressed. I had experience with conventional psychotherapy, yoga, meditation. I had tried western medicine’s approach, which in my experience prescribes a pill. The pill will give temporary relief. I longed for that inner peace which allows one to stay on a path of enlightenment, knowing and staying true to myself. I was amazed by the impact of my healing session with Rae. I left the session with complete state of relaxation. I felt an inner peace and satisfaction I rarely experienced. I saw the world with new eyes. I believe Rae has a gift. I am so grateful that I was able to have her enter my life.”

Deb Lazaro

“Rae is an amazing healer and counselor. I’ve seen Rae for years and have been privileged to receive numerous energy healing and coaching sessions from her. As someone who was completely new to energy healing (me), Rae carefully explained the process and gently led me through our first session together. I felt wonderful after that first session, with emotional weight lifted and subconscious fears released. I felt lighter, calmer and more self-aware. With Rae’s years of experience as both a therapist and a spiritual student/teacher – combined with her incredibly intuitive nature – she evolved into a very special type of healer. She comes to you with openness and wisdom. She leaves you with a deeper sense of mindfulness and tools to help in your journey of healing and self-love.”

Lane Williamson

“As a mother, wife, and yoga teacher, I feel that nurturing comes naturally to me. As I looked closer at my most intimate relationships, I saw space for me to be nurtured and I couldn’t receive the love I so easily give away. Therapy, support groups and self-help books were not enough. I met Rae by divine intervention and she relaxed my whole being in a way that held just the right space for my energy to be moved and healed. The most miraculous experience was that after my deep release, I felt different in my relationships. And now some time later, I understand how I can heal myself. One session with Rae was pivotal in my spiritual growth and changed my overall energetic body.”

Sarah D.
Wife, Mother, Yoga Teacher

“Rae has helped me so much with each of our unique sessions to step into my power confidently. I had 3-4 sessions with her and very soon, I had a breakthrough healing moment. I have been to different energy healers and pretty useless therapists, but Rae has a unique background with many skills on her belt which allows her to create different types of healing modalities to cater to your healing needs. Another fabulous thing about Rae is that she wants you to heal and transform so you do not have to be dependent on her and keep coming back. Through her sessions, I was able to get to the root of the issue holding me back. Rae spices up each new session which was essential to my healing!”

Shikha Patel, M.S.
Holistic Nutritionist

“Rae’s wordly healing techniques are comforting, uplifting and unique. Her ability to gently meld different cultural healing techniques along with her background in psychology are reflected in her creative approach to each healing session. Her gifts are many and felt on a soulful, deep-healing level. My time with her has brought tremendous amount of peace and joy.”

Caridad Lovengood
Psychic Medium

“My experience with Rae as a healer was instant peace just talking with her. She takes the time to listen to what possibilities are needing to be addressed in mind, body, and spirit. I was open to the balance of energy needed to exist in everyday life. So when I allowed my mind to stop analyzing the outcome, I was able to let my feelings flow. It isn’t always what one expects. In fact, if we have expectations, it’s our controlling mind getting in the way. My whole being was renewed with cleansing feeling of dropping the bricks off my shoulders and walking out light-hearted. Thank you Rae for your blessed touch.”

Lyn Sully
Therapeutic Massage Therapist

“What a beautiful and unique talent Rae holds, and is so eager to share with us! I experienced 2 wondrous sessions with Rae that lifted me to a healed level that I had struggled with for quite a long time. After a session with Rae, be prepared to feel your best on every level.”

Business Entrepreneur

“My healing experience with Rae was spectacular, leaving me feeling immediately at ease. I could feel a shift in my body. Take note of those shifts. I have experienced many, many different healing modalities over my lifetime, but Rae’s unique approach and her synthesis of various methods and techniques are what truly makes her gifts supersede any healing I’ve had previously. Rae heartily wants to help people and bestows a safe, tranquil space for healing and open dialogue. Simply her presence in the room is peaceful and soothing. I left feeling lighter with an open heart. It was remarkable.”

Julie Doyle
Los Angeles, CA